Thrifty Comercio (Pvt.) Limited, Pakistan is an Indenting agent, importer and exporter of general merchandise. We have exclusivity and represent well known entities involved in providing service oriented businesses, safety equipment, generators laptops, Gas and Oil.

Thrifty Comercio U.S.A .is a liaison office coordinating imports and processing inquiries received from the North American region.

We invite to contract with Thrifty Comercio for manufacturing all items on an exclusive basis. Oil and Gas including laptops.

We offer quality check through our inspectors or through buyer’s specified agency i.e. SGS, or their own team.

We aim to reach out to the buyers directly through schools, universities, unions, exhibitions etc. Our goal is to remove the middleman and reach out to the masses through our retail outlets that will promote our theory of marketing. ‘It’s within reach’ & ‘wear the best’ for less is what we believe. We don’t sell goods for profits only; we believe that affordability of quality product is everyone’s right. We will not promote a symbol for others, that is for sure. We have a passion for perfection and we are well on our way.

We welcome your specific inquiries that will enable us to provide a quote for consideration by your organization.


Diesel Generators

Our wide range of standard diesel generating sets offer great flexibility for industrial or residential applications.

With power from 5 to 3000 kVA, our diesel gensets provide reliable and efficient supply for any application, whether they are continuous power, emergency, backup or any other type of power demand.

HYBRID Generators

Ideal for isolated areas and off-grid applications, our Hybrid Microgeneration System is designed to provide a reliable energy solution tailored to the needs of the project.

From telecommunication antennas to rural cottages, the autonomy of our hybrid gensets provides an efficient power supply for any installation.

Marine Generators

Designed to operate under conditions of high humidity and withstand the corrosion caused by the sea, these marine gensets are compact in size, have a low noise level thanks to its soundproof canopy and are manufactured with engines and alternators of the best quality, specific for marine applications.

Light Towers

Our light towers have been designed to work in the most adverse environments and even under the harshest weather conditions, they can provide a light output up to 180,000 lumens.

Light Towers have a compact design and can be mounted on a trailer for easy transportation and storage.